NostalgiaMUD is for anyone who remembers old school text based MUDs in the DikuMUD tradition. While NostalgiaMUD is not directly derived from any code base, it is heavily influenced by CircleMUD. Go ahead and stop by. Telnet to port 4000 on If you're lucky, the following link will do it: telnet:// For those who know what it means, this will work over IPv6 as well as IPv4.

The "staff" can be reached at If you want to join as a builder, contact the staff and pitch your idea. Also, download and read the builder's guide.


We have a few rules that must be followed for the enjoyment of all. They all boil down to the following: don't be a jerk. NostalgiaMUD is meant to be a friendly place for people of all ages. Player killing and thieving is not permitted and please keep discussions and behaviour clean in public. Inappropriate behaviour will be met with warnings and further infractions will meet with additional sanctions.

Multiplaying is permitted. If you can manage to effectively control multiple players, have at it. Do try to be sensible about it, though. Make sure you're actually playing all your characters or they may be purged due to inactivity.

Finally, there is no need to keep interactions in character. If you want to, go for it. The theme of the world is somewhat eclectic so it's perfectly reasonable to have a sword wielding barbarian discussing high tech.

The World

The base world is essentially the stock CircleMUD 2.2 world converted to the NostalgiaMUD data file format. However, several stock zones have been substantially modified or expanded. That includes Midgaard itself which has been greatly expanded including rationalizing the geography between Northern and Southern Midgaard. It is also possible to reach New Sparta by a land route.

Finally, and this will be of special note to builders, in addition to the usual north, south, east, west, up, and down directions you will notice that northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest are also available. Keep that in mind while exploring.

If you're interested in building a zone, check out the builder's guide. It is updated periodically so check back occasionally for updated versions.

About the Web Site

You may have noticed the lack of fanciness on the web page. This is for two reasons: First, we don't have a web designer on staff. Second, the purpose of the page is to provide real information clearly. A simple page does just that.